LinkedIn profiles now as contacts on your phone

We often use LinkedIn to connect with people for several reasons – to lookout for prospects for recruiting talent, to seek expert help or just to get any work done that could benefit us in some way or the other. Keeping in mind activities such as networking and communication for future prospects, saving these contacts becomes rather important.

Now here’s the problem. The pains of logging into a particular website to get the required contact and the accessibility to a laptop/desktop every time you wish to do so are some of the initial few problems you might face.  Let’s say you’ve managed solving the above two, but here’s when you get stuck. Can you make a call directly now, using the means available? The answer is a plain and simple, NO!  Their contact details are often hidden a few scrolls below or need to be specifically clicked on to be viewed. Just Imagine, going through this entire process, every single time you wanted to get in touch with them. However, it does not end here.

LinkedIn Dialer

You then have to manually type the number in your phone’s dialer to make that call. Trust us; it’s as tiresome and tedious as it sounds. So why not simplify this entire process and take out the unnecessary steps? We all know that contacts as important as these should be readily available, right? If only there was a way to add these connections as phone contacts so that their details could be readily available to chat with or call.


We present the ‘InTouchApp Chrome Extension’ for LinkedIn

Save contacts from LinkedIn to phone. Save contacts from browser to phone. Save contacts from Chrome to phone.


  • Install InTouchApp on your phone, if you don’t have it already
  • Install the InTouchApp Extension for Chrome or Firefox and log into your InTouchApp account (You’re almost half way there!)
  • Open LinkedIn on Web
  • Voila! Save Contact appears immediately inside LinkedIn at appropriate locations
  • Pat yourself on your back because you just enhanced your contact list.

Now you can connect with someone on LinkedIn and chat with them via any chat app from your phone, as the InTouchApp enables you to do that. Go ahead, download the App right now!

Want to save unknown numbers to your phone from WhatsApp Web or other websites? That’s taken care of as well

Write to us in the comments below if you have any suggestions, requests or queries regarding the tool. We’re always happy to help. Or else a simple shout out is always appreciated from our happy users.

After all we love being InTouch 😉


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