How to recover deleted contacts using InTouchApp

You often have deleted contacts on your phone for several reasons – lack of space, change in contact, switching phones or it may just be a plain simple mistake. Deleting that particular contact is often considered a permanent action that cannot be undone. Isn’t it?

Now, with that happening, imagine if one day you realize how important that particular deleted contact was and the urgency of the situation in retrieving it at that very moment. The immediate thought would be to sit, panic or grovel over it. Once that is over, you would travel worlds end to get it back. Oh! The pains of doing your best to just see that contact magically appear on your phone once again.

Avoiding the above chaos, InTouchApp users are always a step ahead. They already know it’s not that much big of a deal and all they do is follow these easy steps to recover their deleted contacts.

Here’s how easy it is to recover deleted contacts!


Steps to recover deleted contacts from phone. Use InTouchApp to recover deleted contacts from phone.


  1. Open from a PC or Mac browser
  2. Login to your InTouchApp account
  3. Click on the “Deleted” option in the top-left selection
  4. Click on the “LAST WEEK” option in front of “Undelete contacts”

Sit and wait as the process to undelete will now start. Your contacts will be made available on your phone after some time. The deleted contacts, once again appear on your phone in an organized manner.

Worrying over a deleted contact is out of the question now. All your important contacts required for professional or personal reasons will always be made available to you at your fingertips. We’ve always got your back and your phone contacts backed up!

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