Introducing an easy way to collaborate and share phone contacts with friends, colleagues and family!

“Collaboration is the key!” – Heard this enough? Well, but it still is the key 😉 It’s always better together, isn’t it? So far, InTouchApp helped users solve contacts related problems such as backup, sync, etc. Recently we’ve also made it possible to convert your paper business cards into your digital contact on your phone. But hey, having all your contacts just to yourself may not be enough nowadays .


share and collaborate on phone contacts


We all are familiar with how we upload some files on internet and our trusted friends can access it. For example, sharing a business proposal over Dropbox, creating a presentation together with colleagues over Google Drive, sharing photos within all your fellow tourists on single photo album over iCloud. What if we can do something similar with our phone contacts!

Today, we are announcing a new feature that solves the ‘contact access’ problem. Often you need access to a contact that you have not stored on your phone, but is with your wife, or a friend, or a colleague at work. Getting the contact required much back-and-forth communication and is almost always a hassle. With InTouchApp, now you can share all or a part of your phone contacts with another person easily and securely. A simple search makes the shared contacts accessible to them – making the entire process hassle-free & seamless! This ensures you and your family, friends, colleagues have access to the right contact at the right time.

We’ve heard a feast of stories about how getting to the right contact at a right time would have been a bliss:


I was on a long flight back home. Some emergency situation rouse with my wife and she needed some important contacts from me. It would have been nice if my wife was able to access my contacts while I was unreachable.


I was travelling with my friends. I spent entire day taking lovely photos and shared on social media. End of the day I wanted to call the cab driver to get us back and I discovered my phone battery is dead. It would have been really handy then if I could access my contacts from my friend’s phone!


The second story, for us, was a spot on! We have been into such situations at times. Eat your own dog food, they say! InTouchApp has been our saviour! We are sure most of you connect yourselves with similar situations. One might end up helpless, annoyed or disappointed at some point in time due to such hassle around.

Contacts sharing is most useful whenever there are new people added to your life due to different life events such as new job (need to collect all the colleagues numbers), getting married (in-laws & spouse’s friends), moving in with new flatmates (Existing neighbours, landlord, maid, cook) or joining a photography or a cycling club (club members).

Do you have such story to share? We’d love to hear from you!

To get started, you’ll need the updated InTouchApp. Grab our mobile app on the App Store and the Play Store. For more details, visit

Here’s some help to get you started! 

Share your phone contactbook with friends


Share a list of phone contacts in one go


Send list of phone contacts as a link over chat apps or email


Send a single or multiple contacts as link over WhatsApp or any other chat apps


Share a single contact over InTouchApp


Happy Sharing! #StayInTouch 🙂

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