Getting contacts count on Blackberry phone

Everyone likes to know how many contacts they have on their phone. Often, finding the correct count can be a daunting task. If you have a Blackberry phone (OS 7 or below), here is how you can find the exact number of contacts.

Open the default Contacts app on your Blackberry. Then tap on the menu key (the Blackberry key). You should get this:

Menu of the default Contacts app

Select Options and you should get this:

Options screen

The “Contact Lists” section shows all the connected sources of contacts on your device. Usually the locally stored contacts are under a list named “Default”. If you have email accounts connected that are bringing in contacts, you would see them listed here as well.

Selecting and opening each entry under the Contact Lists will show you how many contacts are under that list:

Contacts count for selected list

The number to the right side of “Number of Entries” is the count of contacts in that list.

If you have just one list, this count is the number of contacts you have on your phone. If you have multiple lists, go through each of them one by one and add up the number to get your total contacts count on your phone.

When you use InTouchApp to backup your contacts, you should see the same count in front of “Total backed up contacts” (see arrow):

intouchapp main screen

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