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Five Chrome extensions that you should definitely use for your business

Day-to-day professional life can be made more efficient by utilizing technology to its fullest. Here’re five browser extensions from a...

Save contacts from WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp for your Business? Save contact numbers instantly!

InTouch - CRM for WhatsApp helps businesses save all customer contact numbers to their phone book with just a few clicks! Have each of your enquiries from potential customers being saved and accessible easily.

Call Reminders

Always remember to call back people

“I will call you back in 15 mins”, “I am driving right now, can I call you back in sometime?”...

Helping people get out and vote: How InTouchApp brought information to voter’s fingertips.

Every year, many eligible voters miss out on getting inked simply because searching your name in the voter list, and...

Double your productivity at work: 10 must-have Chrome extensions that you should check out!

1. Postman helps you be extremely efficient while working with APIs, by dramatically cutting down the time required for constructing API...

Save profile pictures from WhatsApp Web as contact images on your phone

With CRM for WhatsApp, you can sync all profile pictures from WhatsApp Web to your contact list, which means no more blank faces!

Wrapping up the year at InTouchApp: 2016 Highlights and 2017 Surprises!

In the startup ecosystem, there is a lot of emphasis on looking forward – to build products that people continue...

Steps to recover deleted contacts from phone. Use InTouchApp to recover deleted contacts from phone.

How to recover deleted contacts using InTouchApp

You often have deleted contacts on your phone for several reasons – lack of space, change in contact, switching phones...

Save contacts from LinkedIn to phone. Save contacts from browser to phone. Save contacts from Chrome to phone.

LinkedIn profiles now as contacts on your phone

We often use LinkedIn to connect with people for several reasons – to lookout for prospects for recruiting talent, to...

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