6 tips to make the most out of any networking event!

So you were extremely excited and ambitiously dedicated to extract the best out of that fancy conference or seminar, but eventually it all piled up into a muddle and you didn’t realize what you actually gained! Well, let’s accept it. Networking events come with the promise of a lot of potential but the attendees are seldom able to capture that potential. Luckily for you, here is an elaborate guide that can direct you to better and definitely more fulfilling conference experiences.

6 tips to make the most out of nay networking event.

1. Prepare in advance

Sounds like a hackneyed advise but this just works every single time on all possible levels. Networking events usually involve a large number of participants and also have diverse objectives. Figure out the reason why this conference is important for you and how to stay on track with those reasons.

List down the names of the valuable speakers. If there are potential customers or prospects also attending the conference, prepare your elevator pitch for them. The conference might have a ten page agenda, but your objective for attending the conference should be there in maximum two crisp sentences.

6 tips to make the most out of nay networking event.

2. Free some mindshare

Conferences and events are the places where you learn networking the most. With a mind brimming with to do lists and unfinished tasks, your learning ability might get hampered. Start preparing a week in advance and on the day of the conference, try to keep your mind as uncluttered as you can. Also, remember to automate all email replies to “Out of office”. This prevents you from constantly bothering office emails.

3. Always reach a bit early. Always.

Before participants start pouring in, make sure you already have a clear understanding of the sessions that are going to happen. By reaching early you can familiarize yourself with the way around the venue so that you don’t face difficulty switching among multiple auditoriums & halls.

6 tips to make the most out of nay networking event.

4. If you are with a team -Strategize

The best part about seminars & exhibitions is that there is too much to soak in & the ones who know how to make the most of it can benefit the best out of it. In case you are with a team, have a strategy in place as to what all sessions need to be attended by whom. Also, how to develop the desired web of network by coordinating within the group. List down the strengths of each member of the group and allocate responsibilities accordingly. For e.g. Someone great with soft skills can be proactive during breakout session, the more knowledgeable one can become a presenter, session facilitator, or committee volunteer.

6 tips to make the most out of nay networking event.

5. Be Visible

You don’t formally need to be a presenter or a facilitator, but by actively attending the talks, by asking relevant questions, by starting constructive discussions during breakout sessions you can be more visible. Don’t just attend the event, take part in it. 

6 tips to make the most out of nay networking event.

6. Absorb and let seep in

This is the most important aspect of attending any networking event . You learn a lot during the event, you make a lot of contacts as well, but you soon lose hold of it. Make notes during events and to gain more visibility, keep updating your social networking handles with information so that the information stays with you and also shared with others. Another important reason why you miss the contacts you make, is “Sharing business cards inefficiently”. At such events, business cards can literally be seen flying from one hand to another. You come back with a stack of business cards with no idea on sorting and with no memory of who all you shared your own business card with.

Did someone say Digital Business Card?

6 tips to make the most out of nay networking event.

Yes, that’s the latest, impressive and innovative way to solve this problem. InTouchApp users can simply install InTouchApp and start exploring the seamless world of digital business cards. Let’s do a back run on why a physical business card is a problem.

You collect too many; you can easily lose them; you don’t know how to sort them; you don’t have a soft form that can be saved forever; have no record of people you shared your card with; you can’t relate to faces you saw at the conference by looking at the cards later and the list just goes on.

The Digital business card solution by InTouchApp is the perfect answer to all your networking needs. Here are some outstanding features :

  1. You just have to click a picture of the card shared with you and InTouchApp will automatically convert it to a contact with all the relevant information.
  2. Even if there is no internet available, with one picture you can be assured that all the information is safe.
  3. It works even in poor lighting conditions & is least prone to any errors
  4. Data conversion with high accuracy is guaranteed with InTouchApp.
  5. You can also share your own information – so you do not need to carry card holders around. In case you suddenly run out of your cards, you don’t need to let go of that chance to make one more valuable connection.

For any queries, reach out to us on: support@intouchapp.com


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