Freedom! The 10 things every professional wishes to get freedom from!

Freedom for professionals

We have always focused on giving you “freedom” from doing manual tasks so you can focus on what’s important for you! Here is a recap of 10 things InTouchApp takes care of for you.

Freedom from managing visiting cards

A stack of collected business cards – a common sight after every event or meeting! Don’t you wish there was a way to automagically preserve these cards and get the contact numbers on your phone? That’s exactly what InTouchApp help you with. When you get a card, simply click on “+” inside InTouchApp, choose Scan Business card option and take a snap. That’s it! Leave the rest to us – you will get the contact added to your phone and can access the business card image anytime.

Freedom from forwards and noisy chats

If you work in a team and use group chats for communication, you will be all too familiar with the problem of forwards and cross-talk. It is often impossible to get work done or take things to conclusion in such an environment. With InTouchApp Groups, we enable collaboration via a structured space that allows threaded chats and document storage. Say bye to noise and Hi to increased productivity!

Freedom from forgetting people

Meeting someone is an important step towards building your professional network. It makes it a lot easier to reach out to them in the future. Over time, it becomes really difficult to remember how you know people in your contact list. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always remember everyone? InTouchApp comes to the rescue! For every contact, we let you save one liner about how you know them. It could be a simple “met on flight to NY” or “Bob’s cousin” – a few words that help you immediately recollect the person.

Freedom from losing contacts

We build our contact list over time – the most important asset for a professional. What if you were to lose your phone today? Are all the contacts safe? You can’t be 100% sure! InTouchApp provides the world’s most powerful contacts auto-backup: every contact and every change you make is preserved for you automatically. Not only can you access your contacts online without your phone, you can also restore them to a new phone by simply installing InTouchApp. 100% peace of mind for your most important data!

Freedom from remembering how you stored a name

Sofia or Sophia? Kapur or Kapoor? It is difficult to remember how a name was stored – making it difficult to search for the right contact. To solve this problem, InTouchApp uses phonetic search. Search for “sofia” and you will find “Sofia” and “Sophia”! Search for “kapur” and find both “Kapur” and “Kapoor” – saving you time and trouble!

Freedom from carrying business cards

No matter how many business cards we print, we always run out of them at events. Plus, we all know that business cards are not environment friendly. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a real alternative? InTouchApp now provides QR Connect – the easiest way to exchange digital business cards. Your digital card can contain a rich profile and contact info (See an example here) – use it to create a lasting relationship. Next time you meet someone, just ask for QR connect. Let’s save our trees – one business card at a time!

Freedom from saving unwanted contacts

No matter where you work, there is always a list of contacts that you need access to. Today, you most likely end up saving every contact you need – as and when the need arises. This not only messes up your personal contact list, it also creates a stale copy on your phone if the original contact is updated. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply search and get access to contacts you need? InTouchApp enables shared contact lists that teams can build together and access by simple search!

Freedom from PC-era folders and emails

For today’s smartphone professional, folders and emails are PC-era things that are difficult to use from the phone. With InTouchApp, we are re-imagining storage and conversations – moving from folders and emails to groups and chats. Instead of creating a folder and sharing it with people via their email IDs, InTouchApp lets you easily create a group (using just phone numbers). To share a document, simply add it to the group and it is instantly accessible to all members. Need to discuss something? Simply start a discussion and all members can instantly join in via a familiar chat interface! No more email or folders needed!

Freedom from chat backups

If you use an app like WhatsApp for chatting, then you have to deal with regular backups. If a backup goes wrong or you change your phone (especially if you move from an Android to iPhone or vice-versa), good luck getting those important chats and documents back! With InTouchApp, all your chats and documents are securely saved on the cloud – so that you never lose them! All chats and documents are instantly accessible from any phone you log-in to. No more hassles with backup or worry about phone’s data storage!

Freedom from passwords

Passwords are always a pain to deal with. From creating a new and different password on every service to remembering them – is a headache! Dealing with them from a phone is even more difficult! At InTouchApp, we have done away with passwords and replaced them with secure OTP (one time passwords) that are sent to your registered phone. This is not only easier, it is also more secure!


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